Product Details

Everyday Healthcare Services atHOME ? From specialised procedures to everyday matters, our standards of care are the same for every aspect of healthcare. We offer trained assistance in RT insertion, catheter insertion, injection administration, small and large wound dressing etc.
Specialised Procedures atHOME ? In certain medical conditions,
patients are suggested to shift to their homes to avoid hospital-acquired infections. We offer hospital-like care at home where our certified nursing staff can assist in PICC line dressing, bedsore care, chemo port flushing etc.
Nursing Attendant Services atHOME ? When health isn?t by your side, our attendants are. Our healthcare attendants can offer trained assistance and medical companionship for 12/24 hours. They are capable of monitoring vitals
like blood pressure, administering oral medication and even assisting the patient with their activities of daily living.